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UV Tanning

The Matrix L58

The Perfect Synthesis of Italian Design and American Technology


Our most luxurious bed  features a total of 62 lamps to provide you with one of the quickest and darkest tans you can get from VHR tanning equipment. Special high pressure facial tanning lamps bronze your face  while filtering out  “burning” rays. Enjoy the process as much as your results with an advanced cooling system and built-in CD player. The unit's flat base acrylic allows clients a more comfortable tan. An extra large, open canopy ensures even the tallest client ample room to stretch out, relax and bronze!


The Essence
Our brand new Ergoline standup matches the Matrix L58 in strength and clients have been loving it! Our quickest unit at 9 minutes has 200w lamps. Premium interior space for comfortable freedom of movement while tanning plus full-length handrails make it easy to stand in the ideal position.

All functions are easy to set using the intuitive soft touch control panel and the top-mounted body fan ensures a pleasant temperature.


The Hot Pepper

is a perfect addition to our lineup! clients love the oversize interior equipped with 44 lamps, a supersize fan plus adjustable facial lamps. Choose what strength you would like the facials to output or just shut them off. The flat acrylic is much more comfortable for many clients.


The Ergoline Ambition


Engineered with perfect results in mind, the Ambition 250 – with its combination of super power UV lamps and high-pressure facials – is loaded with tanning power to spare. Keeping clients cool and comfortable with all this power is a large, yet quiet, rotary foot fan. The Ambition 250’s comfort as well as its tanning results benefit from the Body Curve extended tanning surface. It softly supports clients  while positioning them perfectly for an even distribution of UV light.



The SunUp II


This VHO Standup (Very High Output system) delivers amazing results in just 12 minutes or less without compromising luxury or customer comfort. It’s turbo air cooling system will keep you comfortable and it’s 360 degree tanning surface will give you the even all around tan you’re looking for. This is the only standup in the area equipped with high pressure facial lamps. Dual filtered adjustable, parabolic facials gently but rapidly tan clients faces to perfection.

The SunDazzler


This 11 minute VHO Standup has a higher percentage of UVB than other standups. What does that mean? A faster developing tan!

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